Mini Inner Ritual Kit

A 'mini' step towards putting yourself and your skin first. 


Inner Clarity Cleanser – 30ml/ 1oz

Sold out 3 times, our 3 in 1 cleanser, exfoliator, mask will work triple duty for you and your skin.

Inner Balance Serum – 15ml/ .5oz

Say bye bye to mask-ne and irritated skin, this healing serum will calm all of your skincare woes. 

Inner Light Moisturizer – 15ml/ .5oz

Our ultra nourishing, featherweight formula helps light your way towards hydrated, happy skin. 


1) Cleanse and Release

with Inner Clarity Cleanser

2) Nourish and Ground

with Inner Balance Serum

3) Hydrate and Connect

with Inner Light Moisturizer


The G Team

  • Goji Berry

    The Healer

    Mineral-packed: firms, tightens, and plumps the appearance of your skin

    Amino acids and polysaccharides: helps smooth and hydrate your skin

  • Ginseng

    The Rejuvenator

    Boosts collagen while increasing oxygenation and circulation to skin cells

    Anti-inflammatory: helps calm redness and puffiness

  • Ginger

    The Protector

    Antioxidant: neutralizes the free radicals that damage the quality of your skin

    Antiseptic: banishes pimple-causing bacteria

What's on the inside counts...

  • Positive Impact

  • Leaping Bunny Certified

  • Clear For Me

  • Vegan

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Simply Beautiful Results

You will be inspired to keep looking and feeling your best. The products are light and the routine is uplifting. My skin is really happy with this set.

Feels so Fresh

I love the way my skin feels AND looks after The Inner Ritual. It’s such a well thought out and amazing combination of products. The feel of exfoliating cleanser combined with the infused oils and scents are a perfect way to start my day with Inner Clarity.

Love the Dynamic Duo

I love the way Strange Bird, products smell and feel. I apply them first to my fingertips and then take a moment, before applying them to my face, to savor the smell of the essential oils. This seems to trigger my brain that something pleasurable is about to happen because I notice I am actually anticipating how great it is going to feel. I can't wait to moisturize my face!  This dynamic duo does not disappoint. They feel as good as they smell. I take my time. It feels fantastic, like a stolen moment - just for me - to bathe my whole face and neck in the nourishing beauty of these fabulous elixirs. Thank you for making Strang Bird. I look forward, every single day, to a moment of peaceful self-care bliss. Highly recommend this yummy, good for you ritual to anyone - especially great for those of us that have a tendency to be the super busy/put others first types - like me. Thanks for helping me put ME first.

My Skin Has Never Looked Better

I saw results immediately, and I simply don't want to use any other skincare. I go outside barefaced and feeling confident because my skin is clear, healthy and radiant!


My fiance left this out and I started using it. When she travels, i'm out so we got a second set. This product is for men also.