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Super ingredients to make skin glow. Crystal-charged to soothe your soul.






Strange Bird’s smooth, glossy Bird Balm possesses a light and silky quality that many balms lack.

Strange Bird melds Chinese traditions with efficacious formulations. Standout in the line are the gentle clay cleanser and a lightweight, hyaluronic acid–powered moisturizer.

Gaia Earth Drops offer ingredient absorption unlike other face oils, to which we say, "Yes, please," because its ingredients are so damn good.

Rejuvenating ingredients such as ginger, ginseng, and goji berry and the essence of clear crystal and crab apple help cleanse your mind and soul.

Whether you choose to use it as a quick solution for washing your face, or something much deeper and more spiritual, pick up a tube of the Strange Bird's Inner Clarity Cleanser before it sells out again.

Strange Bird bills itself as "spiritual skincare," and one look at the ingredient label tells you why.

All of the products are formulated using clean ingredients, nothing you wouldn't put on a baby.

The Inner Clarity Cleanser, a 3-in-1 formula acts as a clay, balm, exfoliator, milky cleanser and mask to refresh and revive. (It also smells like Fruity Pebbles.)

Get a better sleep at night by establishing a ritual of peace before the end of the day with a custom Strange Bird Tibetan Singing Bowl.

Packed with powerful plant extracts like amla, camellia goji berry and dandelion, this (Gaia Earth Drops) oil is also charged with fermented red ginseng.

Meet Our G-Team

Inspired by Chinese beauty traditions passed down from generation to generation, our signature G-Team harnesses the power of Ginger, Ginseng and Goji Berry to heal, rejuvenate, and protect your skin.


Calm Mind, Calm Skin

Stressed out self equals stressed out skin. That’s why all our products are supercharged with the magic of flower and crystal essences—a modern form of energy medicine—transforming your skincare routine into a daily practice of self-care.

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strange bird [stranj berd] noun: one who unapologetically puts themselves (and their skin) first, therefore radiating an extraordinary glow