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skincare that supports your total well-being


Our signature G-Team of Ginger, Ginseng, and Goji Berry are the stars of our formulas but they definitely brought their friends. Powerful ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Kaolin Clay, and Niacinamide, all play beautifully together and are scientifically proven to transform tired skin. Our formulas will make your face feel hydrated and bouncy, and look fresh and glowy (think 8-hours-of-sleep skin).


To calm your mind and clear your skin, we supercharge our products with the power of flower and crystal essences, a modern form of energy medicine akin to homeopathy. Amethyst crystal grounds you while Rose Quartz helps you feel self-love. Crab Apple cleanses away negative energy while Oak Essence keeps you centered and steady. We like to call it, meditation in a bottle.


To bring out your inner glow, we inscribe each of our products with a grounding mantra and include a spiritual prompt within our directions. We hope these little touches will help you tap into your higher self and transform your skincare routine into a ritual of self-love.


At Strange Bird, we talk a lot about feeling your best and being your best so that you can live your best life. Skincare is only part of the equation.

With stress and anxiety at an all time high, it sometimes takes a village to get the self-care and support we need. We know what it feels like to need help. We also know how transformative it can be to get that help. That's why 1% of our sales goes toward supporting women's mental health.

We're partnering with nonprofits around the world to help provide holistic wellness services to women everywhere. Here's to spreading light.

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Self-reflection involves attuning inwards, bringing awareness to your busy mind and the rhythm of your emotions. As a result, this affects the way you attune outwards, how you relate to the people in your life and the world around you—ultimately inspiring ripples of meaningful connection and conscious transformation.

STRANGE BIRD creates tools that support the practice of attunement so that you can focus on strengthening the spiritual relationship you have with yourself. Our products go beyond skin deep and encourage a daily practice of self-reflection to align the body, mind, and spirit (bringing you into harmony and integrity).

What's On The Inside Matters

Our formula standards are as high as our frequencies. We like to keep things transparent and clean around here, that means no to ingredients you wouldn’t use on a baby or while pregnant and yes to ingredients that have been proven to safely and effectively transform your skin.
All of our products are also Vegan, Gluten Free and Soy Free.

Good Karma

We care about our planet and the planet our children will inherit. When selecting product packaging we consider the past (how materials are sourced), present (how they will be used and recycled) and future (where our products will end up).

Bird (and Bunny) Approved

We believe that integrity is at the heart of self-care. That’s why all of our products are Leaping Bunny Certified and 100% cruelty-free. That means we never have and never will test on animals.