Grounding in Rituals to Help Move Through Anxiety

I feel anxious.

How about you?

I've actually always been an anxious person. Feeling a slight tinge of anxiety was normal. But this NEW NORMAL of heightened baseline anxiety is something to get used to. The effects of the past year, feeling burnt out at work, worrying about family and friends, and the upcoming holiday season are just some of the usual sources that are sure to elevate stress and anxiety. Yet, I have found that the way to move through it all is essentially the same.

Sit. Breathe. Feel it. Let it go.

I have to ground myself in rituals that allow for this practice of letting go and healing. Whether it be my daily meditation, my yoga practice, or my skincare routine, I am intentionally creating routines that feel more like rituals of introspection, catharsis and connection with self. It's often during these moments that I'm able to sit, breathe, and truly acknowledge my feelings, and finally—when I am ready—let them go.

Setting aside the necessary time to just be with myself is one of my most powerful tools to ease anxiety.

So try it for yourself: Sit. Breathe. Feel it. Let it go.


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