Why Skincare is Spiritual?

We all know why we need to take care of our skin. On a physical level, we know it’s important to keep our skin healthy, hydrated and clear. We’re also starting to understand why, on an emotional level, taking care of our skin is a critical part of our self-care game. Our emotional relationship to our skin helps to dictate not only how we feel about it, but how we ultimately feel about ourselves. There is something very powerful about looking at yourself in the mirror and deeply connecting to the person reflected back at you. Just ask Louise Hayes, the creator of Mirror Work, an effective method of learning to love yourself through self-affirmations.

However, what we don’t discuss a lot, at least not yet, is why your skincare ritual is spiritual. Yes, our skin is the largest organ in our body. And yes, because of that it is the first line of defense against environmental stressors and pollution. Let’s face it, our skin takes a beating. 

But did you know that in addition to protecting us from nature's elements, our skin is also first in line to absorb the energy around us. Yup...you read that right. As energy beings, we are constantly absorbing energy that can actually accumulate into stress within our body. Our skin can often be the first to feel shifts in moods from our partner, danger around the corner, or excitement in the air (see: goosebumps). 

If not properly discharged, that energy can translate into a tightening of muscles, dehydration of the skin and stress in the body. 

Crystals are a wonderful way to care for your energy the same way plant extracts can care for your skin. Here at Strange Bird, we are all about efficiency. Our founder, Tina Chow Rudolf, is a full-time working mom of two toddlers...efficiency = survival. That’s why, when formulating her products, she made sure to infuse each one with not only the most powerful plant actives in the world, but also a highly potent form of energy medicine called flower and gem essences.

In short, flower and gem essences are energetic extracts taken from botanicals and crystals intended to harmonize energy that is out of balance. Why should you care? Ultimately, by combining plant wisdom with crystal energy we can help you create a glow that you can actually feel...one that is truly lit from within.

You can find Clear Quartz in our Inner Clarity Cleanser which will help to discharge any negative energy you pick up. Our Inner Balance Serum contains Amethyst Essence which will help you feel grounded, especially when things around you feel very tumultuous (re state of the world). And our Inner Light Moisturizer is infused with Rose Quartz which will help you vibrate at a level that attracts love and promotes self-acceptance (just in time for Valentines Day). 

Consider this your cosmic permission slip to unapologetically put yourself and your skin first. Our plant-powered, crystal-charged formulas feed your skin and fuel your soul so that you can reveal your Strange Bird Glow.


Stay Strange,