Gaia Earth Drops

A gift from Mother Earth to your skin.

Powered by Fermented Camellia Seed Oil and Fermented Red Ginseng, this is not just another face oil. Gaia Earth Drops offer a whole new level of absorption, creating a barrier of moisture protection for a dewy, never greasy finish. We combined the sacred seeds of Amla and Goji Berry with the antioxidant rich extracts of Dandelion and Ginger to heal, balance, and refine your skin. Because we want our products to work on all of your levels—body, mind, and spirit—we added Amethyst Gem Essence to help connect you to your intuition, a hint of Roman Chamomile to calm your fears (and skin), and a touch of Green Mandarin to inspire your Inner Child. 


1 oz/30 ml

Quantity must be 1 or more

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Place 3 drops all over your face—press or massage.


Mix 3 drops with our Inner Balance Serum and smooth over face.


Rub 3 drops in between your palms and cup them over your face. Take a deep breath in. Gently press your hands into your heart space and connect to a feeling that you want to call into your life. Let it sink in. End this prayer with, “So Shall It Be.”

Practice daily.

The G Team

  • Goji Berry

    The Healer

    Mineral-packed: firms, tightens, and plumps the appearance of your skin

    Amino acids and polysaccharides: helps smooth and hydrate your skin

  • Ginseng

    The Rejuvenator

    Boosts collagen while increasing oxygenation and circulation to skin cells

    Anti-inflammatory: helps calm redness and puffiness

  • Ginger

    The Protector

    Antioxidant: neutralizes the free radicals that damage the quality of your skin

    Antiseptic: banishes pimple-causing bacteria

What's on the inside counts...

  • Vegan

  • Paraben Free

  • Gluten Free

  • Leaping Bunny

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Age Range: 25 to 39 years old
Skin Type: Oily
Very intriguing light facial oil

I received a small sample of this oil to try out, with no obligation to review. I've been using Gaia Earth Drops as my main daytime face oil for the past two months, including during some of the hottest and most humid days this past summer in New York. I love the texture of the oil and I love the ingredients. This oil goes on very nicely on my skin, which tends to be oily. I found myself using this oil for the texture since it's so light and easily absorbed. The scent is very light and very lovely. I will warn that the scent is easily covered by anything else that's fragrant, so you might not perceive it at all if you're using any serums under that have a stronger scent. As such, I've been mixing in just one drop of a more fragrant oil serum so that I can have the psychological effects of a refreshing or calming scent and still enjoy the light texture of Gaia Earth Drops. In terms of effects, my skin has overall been much clearer since I've been using this oil. I love fermented ingredients, it seems that our skin absorbs fermented oils much better than non-fermented oils, and I love some of the specific ingredients here like ginseng. I find ginseng to be very calming on my skin.
Initially, since I could not perceive the scent of the oil, I reached out to Strange Bird's customer service on suggestions for a more sensory experience. The response was very prompt and the recommendation was to mix this oil with the Inner Balance serum. Honestly, I tried the Inner Balance serum previously and it was not my favorite since I did not like the scent at that time. So, I wrote it off. However, Inner Balance Serum mixed with Gaia Earth Drops is such a lovely scent and texture that I plan to try out this combination in the coming months once I've used up some of my other products. If the combination is within your budget, especially if there's a sale, I recommend trying it out!
I think that given the quality of the ingredients the "Green Beauty" market, these products are a good value. I see that there is now a trial set. I hope that this brand starts to sell trial sizes or smaller sizes of this oil too.

Ella Cooper
Age Range: 40 to 60 years old
Skin Type: Dry
A beautiful product line

Love the intention and quality of this brand.

Age Range: Above 60 years old
Skin Type: Sensitive, Dry
Totally changed my skincare routine—in a good way

First, I love the smell. Just a couple of drops cover my whole face does wonders. I put it on before bed and when I wake up, my face still feels hydrated. I don’t even use night cream anymore because my Gaia Earth Drops are sufficient. Simply put, it’s just an excellent product--it really is.

S. Kahle
Love This - Glowing Not Greasy

The Gaia Earth Drops uniquely have amethyst crystals you can see through the beautiful bottle. Then you open it and the smell is immediately centering - intoxicating, grassy, sunshine. It melts into my skin and leaves my face glowing, never greasy. I’ve found it’s powerful enough to include in my nighttime routine, yet light enough for mornings (and starts and ends my day with necessary self care).

The Best Face Oil

This is by far the best face oil I have ever used. It sinks into my skin beautifully and is not greasy at all. I use it combined with my Inner Balance Serum and the 2 products together create the most gorgeous texture that leaves my skin feeling moisturized, healthy and glowing!